On Wednesday 21 August, VCAL and PreCAL staff and students departed from Salesian College to go to our annual Don Bosco Camp in Safety Beach. The Year 12 VCAL boys organised and ran all the activities; focusing on team work, communication, leadership, initiative and problem solving.  Our main focus at the camp was to build stronger student and teacher relationships, in addition to providing a community service for the camp site by building a reflection/meditation area outside of the chapel for the future visitors to use.

We also refurbished the fire pit and bench seating which was built in 2018, and had the opportunity to reflect on the beach, spending some time on our own while thinking about some of the prompts given to us by our teachers. We also went on the Point Nepean walk, where we learnt and discovered information about Australian History, presented to them by the Year 12 VCAL students.

Throughout the term, the Years 11 and 12 VCAL students have been involved in an external program called Tritactics, which works with youth from primary school to high school age on their physical and mental wellbeing, promoting respect for others, self-discipline, confidence and strong ethical values. The Tritactics program was held at camp on the beach, where we learnt self-defence techniques and discipline. We believe students worked effectively in teams and completed a number of interactive activities together, making the camp an enjoyable and successful experience for all.

Thank you to all the staff and students for making this camp fun and memorable.

– The students of 12V