Rua Resource Centre ‘Book Swap’

Do you have a pile of paperback books at home that have already been read?

Do you wish you had the opportunity to exchange them with your peers for more exciting reading materials?

The 2019 RRC Book Swap is here for you! 

8am to 4:30pm, Thursday 22 August
8am to 3:45pm, Friday 23 August

The RUA Resource Centre

How it Works: 

• From Thursday 15 August to Wednesday 21 August, bring your “gently used” paperback books to the library for donation. They can be chapter books, non-fiction books, picture books or graphic novels.

• Hand in the books to the library staff and get your ticket, that will allow you to “shop” at the Book Swap. The maximum number of books a student may bring in is 15. Each book you turn in will get you one credit. (It is suggested that you take a photo of the ticket using your mobile phone once you get it, just in case.)

• Come to the Book Swap on 22 & 23 August and select “new” books based on the number of credits you have. Each book at the Book Swap will “cost” you one credit. This means, if you have 10 credits in your ticket, you may select up to 10 books to take home.

• Check out at the Service Desk with your ticket and the selected books of your choice.

• Books left unwanted at the end of the event will be added to the library’s collection as per our collection development needs or donated to a charity group.

Book Criteria:

  • Books must be paperback and age appropriate (Year 7 -12 only).
  • Magazines, colouring books, activity books and sticker books will not be accepted.
  • Books must be in gently used condition with no rips, tears, bent edges, colouring or writing. Previous owner name inside the cover is ok. Please note that the books available are based on the books donated. The Library staff cannot ensure specific titles.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The RUA Resource Centre