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Who are ACE Performance?

At Athlete Centre of Excellence (ACE) we are a team of specialist performance coaches who genuinely care about each person and the goals they are striving to achieve. Our Performance Training Program includes teaching & correcting movement patterns, injury prevention, education of strength & power, and a strong focus on speed and agility development. With the youngest athlete being 8 years old, it’s never too young to improve skill, control and coordination for your sport.

We have been working with the Salesian Sports Academy Program for close to 2 years with great results along the way.

Our Head Performance Coach at the Chadstone Facility (Mannix Campus Gym), Mathew Dooley (pictured), has 8 years coaching experience in the sports performance industry. Mathew has worked with TAC cup & VFL teams, AFL Academy program (RookieMe), P3 Sports Science, who are one of the premier sports performance facilities in the US that work with NBA, NFL & MLB athletes, and most notably with the National Fiji Rugby Union Team where he was involved in Fiji’s Olympic Gold Medal winning team at the Rio Olympic Games.

Over the coming months Mathew will be providing educational content, covering a wide range of topics including – Injury Prevention, Speed & Agility Development, Strength & Power Production, Rehabilitation and much more.

Please watch this quick video to see the action at ACE Performance

If you would like to know more about what we do at ACE Performance, then please feel free to get into contact with us at or give us a call on 03 9329 2841.