ACC Sport News

Senior Sport

Basketball A – A tough end to our season, with a 32-79 loss to Whitefriars. Jaylen Gordon, Ben Santa Maria and Joe Cefai were our best players.

Basketball B – The B’s also lost, but we will focus on the positives that we had last week against De La Salle, winning our first and only game. The following report was written by our very own Chris Hatzigeorgiou:

“With the spirit of Don Bosco behind them, The B team played an inspirational game rebounding from a dismal 30 point loss in the previous game. The De La team were confident early but only managed to have a 5 point lead coming into half time, mainly due to the monster performance of James Carrig who pretty much carried the offensive load in the first half , for what was otherwise a pretty average first half performance from Salesian. Coming into the half time huddle, spirits were high as the boys were in contention for the first victory this year. The fans, led by Josh De Sa, could sense that something big was about to happen. The urgency to play well early was further emphasized as the half was being cut down to only 8 minutes. The boys knew that as a unit they could work together to record one of the most famous basketball victories in Salesian history. The boys did just that, keeping De La to just 2 points in the second half and scoring 15 plus by themselves. Number 24, big Chris Hatzigeorgiou put on a dominating clutch time performance, channelling his inner ‘Mamba mentality’. Those bright yellow Nikes were unstoppable in the paint. With the great defence being played by the crunch time line-up that included Timmy, Kevin Lee and Joe Curtis risking it all to get stops the siren finally sounded. The fans went mental as the boys finally secured that illusive first victory. Shout out goes to Mr Hawkes whose last minute tactics ensured the boys were celebrating at the end of the game.”

Hockey – A big 13-1 victory over St Joseph’s FTG to finish our season. Jacob Curry, Eamon McKenzie and Chris Nielsen were our best players. Special mention to Eamon who filled in for ST Joe’s and scored their only goal.

Table Tennis – A 12-52 to 3-23 win over St Joseph’s FTG ensures that we go through to the Semi Final next week. We wish the boys good luck against Mazenod. Our best players were Matt Mortaruolo, Jivan Datt and Alen Lay.

Intermediate Sport

Year 9 Basketball A – The boys competed hard against St Bernard’s, but couldn’t get the job done, going down 27-54. Jake Johnston, Mitch Wain and Sam Ison were our best players.

Year 9 Basketball B – A solid effort, losing 39 to 56 against St Bernard’s. Koby Curtis, Lachie Deayton and Jackson O’Meara.

Year 9 Hockey – We had a good 4-0 win over St Bernard’s, meaning that we have to win or draw next week in order to make the grand final. Our best players were Tom Blaikie, Xavier Adams and Ash Curry.

Year 9 Table Tennis – Our 3rd straight win, defeating St Bernard’s 12-53 to 3-22. Andrew Chen, Luca Hill and Spiro Louras were our best players.

Year 10 Basketball A – An unfortunate end to our season with a 41-74 loss to Whitefriars. Jack Nenos, Emmanuel Efstathiou and Cosi Fornaro were our best player.

Year 10 Basketball B – A close game but unfortunately couldn’t get the win, going down to Whitefriars 38-48. Seb Filipovic, Thomas Valle and Nick Orlando all played well.

Year 10 Hockey – A close 3-2 win over Parade, meaning that we finish the season in 6th place. Our best players were Dom Russo, Trent Papenfus and Nathan McNamara.

Year 10 Table Tennis – A tough loss to Parade, going down 7-32 to 8-43. Deakin Tran, Saurav Jaikumar and Phil Kasimis all played well.

Junior Sport

Year 7 Basketball A – A big 76-39 over Mazenod ensures that we stay undefeated. Jun Lee, Charlie Cochrane and Christian Moraes were our best players.

Year 7 Basketball B – We got our first win for the year! The boys played an awesome game to defeat Mazenod 58-31. Patrick Karamanavis, Bailey Fanton and Benji Mathieson were our best players.

Year 7 Hockey – A strong 5-2 win over Mazenod. Our best were Abhav Chenanda, Xavier Blenkhorn and Ollie De Luca.

Year 7 Table Tennis – A massive win against Mazenod, with a final score of 10-47 to 5-28.

Year 8 Basketball A – It was a rough day for our boys, losing to a strong Whitefriars team 37-79. Suraj Zabalegui, Harrison Elustondo and Nic Clifton were our best players

Year 8 Basketball B – Another big loss to Whitefriars, going down 28-91. Alex Valle, Connor Montgomery and Ollie Arnott were named as our best.

Year 8 Basketball C – A good win for our boys, defeating St Bernard’s 53-30. Viran Kanathigoda, Seb Millares and Hugh Ross all played well.

Year 8 Basketball D – We close 35-27 win over St Bernard’s, with our best players being Jacov Hattersley, Steven Sakellarios and Anthony Ferrara.

Year 8 Hockey – We managed to gut out a 1-0 victory over St Bernard’s. Daniel Biviano, Patrick McMahon and Brodie Vanderhorst were our best.

Year 8 Table Tennis – We demolished Whitefriars, with a massive 15-74 to 0-1 victory. Nimal Valanki, Marcellino Baselyous and Tom Gardner were our best players.

Jayden Hawkes
Sports Assistant