Years 7 and 11 Peer Mentoring Program

Our Year 11 and 7 students gathered together again on the final morning of Term 2 as part of our Peer Mentoring Program, which has been a hugely successful initiative introduced this year. The boys met up in their Houses and took part in a range of different activities that were organised by the Year 11 student leaders, and the Heads of House. I have been extremely proud of all the Year 11 boys and the way in which they have mentored their Year 7 buddies. A big thank you to all the Years 7 and 11 Oratory teachers, the Year 7 Coordinator (Ms Romano) and the Heads of House for their leadership and for making the Peer Mentoring Program such as success. I look forward to seeing the next Peer Mentoring activity in Term 3.

Mr Kim Beurs
Year 11 Coordinator