VCAL ‘MyDrive’ Simulation

On Thursday 18 July, our Year 11 VCAL students participated in a ‘MyDrive’ simulation. This activity was the final part of the ‘Road to Zero’ TAC Unit that our 11 students undertook as part of their major unit in Term 2.  The aim of the program is to reduce road trauma in pre-learner and learner drivers by “building knowledge and awareness to empower young road users to make safer decisions”.  The ‘MyDrive’ simulated driving activity aims to educate and motivate young people to become better and safer drivers. In this activity, 11V students undertook a variety of safety modules to assist them with safer driving and awareness of road hazards.

As part of their studies in the ‘Road to Zero’ Unit, our students also visited Melbourne Museum where they participated in a range of interactive, multi-sensory experiences. These activities included a virtual reality experience travelling in a car from 1970 to 2077 and an elevator simulation, where students experienced a dramatic drop from the 11th floor of the Royal Exhibition Building.

Our 11V students have also created their own Road Safety Advertisement and as a follow up, are in the process of preparing a short presentation and interactive workshop to a group of Year 7 students at Salesian, in order to raise awareness about Road Safety.

Mrs Deb Rabot
Head of Applied Learning