‘Minecraft’ Software & Facilitating Learning

On Tuesday 11 June, Salesian College hosted two visiting teachers from Mercy College, Mackay, Mr Brett Comerford and Ms Diana Bailey. Mercy College is looking at introducing Minecraft to its curriculum, and approached Salesian College about the possibility of sending two representatives to talk to staff and witness firsthand how this software is used to facilitate learning. Minecraft is a “virtual land where users can create their own worlds and experiences”, and has been used at Salesian in the teaching of Geography for a number of years. Our guests enjoyed the opportunity to meet with Mr Chris Seeber and Ms Kamila Bielinski to discuss the use of the software, before entering their respective Year 7 and Year 8 classrooms to see how our students used and interacted with Minecraft to complete assignments. The visit proved very positive for our guests who left better informed about the challenges and opportunities associated with using Minecraft to stimulate student engagement and learning.

Mr Peter Bermingham