Year 10 Pathways Incursion

On the Thursday 2 May the Year 10 cohort participated in a Pathways incursion. This particular incursion provided a challenge within the grounds of teamwork and entrepreneurial expertise. Each group had to develop and present a business presentation covering the sale of a pen. Within the groups, the corporate hierarchy was instituted with appropriate roles assorted between group members.

The skills learnt from this experience were varied and numerous. However, in my personal opinion, the most valuable skill shown was team work. Although it may seem basic, this feat of coordination and effort deciphered the fate of the presentation and raised the standard of material being presented.

Albeit stressful, the most enjoyable aspect of this project was the limited time each group had, as working within time constraints really brought team members outside of their comfort zone. Something that I would take away from this incursion would be the simple messages on display throughout the day, to work towards a goal and put effort into an idea that will benefit you and of course, make you happy.

Robert Kosta McCance
Year 10 Student