Year 8 Science Dissection

“The dissection was fun. The cow stomach smelled like rubber and the texture was rubbery. The colour was pearl white because they washed out all of the blood and the size was about the size of a teenager human head. We used a very sharp scalpel, tweezers and a pair of scissors to dissect into pieces so that we could see the layers of the stomach.

We are learning about the human digestive system, and how it works. We were dissecting the Cow’s stomach to observe the structure and the function of how a Cow’s stomach works.

This experiment helped me in my learning as we were able to see a real-life example of a cow’s stomach. Seeing a real stomach helped us understand what we have been learning about in our studies of the human digestive system. We were introduced to using scalpels for the first time too, which made me feel like a professor of science.”

Camillo Angelucci