Our Oratory Program

Our Oratory Program, deeply founded in Don Bosco’s Pedagogy, is a very important and unique program. It is scoped and sequenced from Year 7 to 12 ensuring that when our boys leave the college as young men they do so having developed:

  1. Spiritual growth based upon our Catholic and Salesian traditions that allows for a strong personal faith and an understanding of the diversity of beliefs of others
  2. Emotional maturity that is based upon a healthy self-identity and wellbeing which allows them to relate to others in an empathetic way
  3. Social awareness that comes from a strong sense of belonging and promotes positive relationships, inclusion and true respect for others
  4. Academic skills and attributes that allow them to achieve academic engagement and success and access appropriate future pathways
  5. Physical maturity that allows them to engage in healthy pursuits

To aid the authentic teaching and learning of the program, from Semester 1 this year onwards, all Oratory Reports from Year 7 to 12 will assess skills applicable to our newly revised program. We have also taken into consideration what elements of our program can be assessed by the Victorian Curriculum capabilities. These too, will be assessed on the reports. For your knowledge and awareness, here is the document which outlines these skills from Year 7 -12. Please note that not all year levels will be assessing Victorian Curriculum capabilities this semester.