Year 9 Geography Experiment

In Geography we are learning about biomes and food security. Food security is a state where all people have access to food, and this is broken into three main concepts; food availability, food accessibility and knowledge of food. Biomes are a geographical region distinct from others. In Geography we have been comparing the two and finding how they both link. In our biomes experiment we planted a seed in three different “biome” like conditions, such as a ‘desert’ condition and a ‘rainforest’ condition. One third of the class planted their broad beans in sand, the other planted their broad beans in dirt and the last group planted theirs broad beans in a mix of both. Weekly we have been observing the changes and noting down information and changes that we see. For me the most interesting part of this experiment was to observe the difference in how the seeds grow in certain environments. It’s amazing to see what biomes better suit plants, and its cool that more and more links can be made between biomes and food security.

– Daniel Amendola
Year 9 student