Year 7 Project Based Learning Parent Night

Project Based Learning – The Future of Education

Sick and tired of the same old teaching techniques? Get the feeling that students are bored and no longer engaged?

Introducing Project Based Learning!

What is Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a new and innovative, inquiry driven way of teaching that engages students to find the solution to a relevant real-world problems, utilizing skills such as collaboration, communication and creativity. PBL attempts to help students gain more from their learning by creating a more authentic and entertaining way to learn new things.

PBL commences as a single question or problem which the students work towards finding the answer. Along the way, more questions could be raised and may engage the students to find the answers to those questions too, therefore creating a more in depth and challenging experience.

What are 21st Century Skills?

21st century skills are strategies accompanying deeper learning. They comprise of skills, abilities and learning dispositions that have been identified as being essential for success in a rapidly changing society. Some of these skills consist of problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, research, self-management and teamwork.

What is an Entry Event?

After the driving question is found, the students would then participate in an entry event. This establishes the question for students to learn more about. Let’s say the question is, ‘How do birds live in the wild?’ Students might go on a camp to find out about birds and observe them.

What is a Benchmark?

During the project students eventually arrive at benchmarks, somewhat like a milestone, which are a position in the project where students have time to revise their work and get constructive feedback from peers or teachers. Students will come to these often and will be able to reflect on their work and make improvements.

What is the Culminating Event?

After a long period of researching, the project will lead to the ‘Culminating Event’, the final stage of the project. The students will present their project to a group and tell them what the students were learning about, getting feedback during this process too. This can also be a demonstration, e.g; If your project was to learn about healthy food in canteens, the Culminating Event could be to open a canteen with information and healthy snacks.

PBL at Salesian College:

PBL will assist students to achieve more from their learning experience. The engagement of students’ learning would also improve as they would be answering and researching questions that would encourage them to develop an interest in learning. Salesian College has applied PBL for Year 7 and Year 8 Biretta classes, and has created a new subject named ‘The World Around Us’, which is a combination of Science and Geography. This eliminates some pressure for students as the amount of assessments and homework decreases. We also have two teachers teaching these subjects, Mr Seeber and Mrs Beurs, which is helpful for students because the teachers work together to make learning easier for students.

– Written by the students of 7B