VR Technology and Religious Education

So far this year, the Year 8 boys have been exploring the life and times of Jesus in their first Unit ‘Who Is Jesus?’ We started exploring things like the land and life of those who lived at that time, the social groups that existed and the impact these had on the life and death of Jesus, and finished looking at the parables.

Whilst we were able to give students a good idea about the land and life of the people at the time through maps, pictures, text, clips and PowerPoints, nothing would beat being able to immerse yourself in the times and culture.

8H used the College’s VR technology to experience a 360 degree perspective of what it would have looked, sounded and felt like to live as a person in the time of Jesus. They were very much taken aback by the experience. It was a great way to bring Religious Education to Life!

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission