Encouraging a Love of Reading

Encouraging a Love of Reading

It is well accepted that reading for enjoyment dramatically decreases as students begin secondary school. At the same time, we know that greater literacy skills are needed as students are faced with higher benchmarks in preparation for the 21st century workforce. It is important that we are encouraging a love of reading from both school and home.

The benefits of reading are powerful! Develop vocabulary, improve writing skills, broaden imagination and develop empathy. Reading is also a great method of relaxation.

What can you do at to encourage your son to read?

  • Make reading part of a larger family value: a love of learning.
  • Model reading for enjoyment at home.
  • Make sure your son has access to books. Utilise the school and local libraries.
  • Offer reading material that draws on something that interests them.
  • Merge movies with books. Offer the print version of the latest big film adaptation.
  • Get graphic! Try graphic novels.
  • Give the gift of reading – a gift card to the local bookstore.

Below is a recommended reading list for Years 7-9 with titles available from the College’s Rua Resource Centre.

Year 7-9 Recommended Reading List

Notes: The books listed below are selected for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. All these books are available for borrowing from the Rua Resource Centre. Apart from their print format, those titles with a symbol  are also available in their electronic or audio format. Please contact the library staff if you need any assistance with access to the books.

This list includes sections of:

  • Series fiction books
  • General fiction books
  • Classics
  • Non-fiction books
  • Graphic novels
  • Picture books
  • Magazines
  • Big names


Ms Irene Apostolopoulos
Director of School Improvement – Curriculum