Archbishop Peter Comensoli’s St Patrick’s Day Message

Archbishop Peter Comensoli shared with the community a special message in celebration of St Patrick’s Day on 15 March. Archbishop Comensoli encourages us to re-begin the work of St Patrick and relocate ourselves among our local neighbourhoods of grace. He reflects, “….These are just a few of the many local communities spread throughout Melbourne – within the tram tracks and beyond – where we will discover saints among us. They gather to worship God on Sundays, while still enjoying their footy. They participate in small faith groups during the week as they juggle work and family. They belong to evangelical movements and organisations of charity, reaching out to the broken and struggling. They teach the Catholic faith and morals to their children because it matters. They strive to live lives according to the way of Jesus Christ.
These saints are living witnesses to hope, speaking from within the ordinary life of our city, reminding the centre (including the hierarchical centre) of a Gospel way of life that is not institutional, but local and personal.”

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