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Project Based Learning (PBL) is a task in which students try to find a solution or answer to a real life question (driving question) and complete practical activities to do so. The time this task can take will vary from anywhere between one week to a whole semester. PBL aims to create a more authentic and fun way for students to learn new things.

PBL Project Structure


PBL will help students gain more from their learning because it makes the activities more interactive and more hands-on. This makes the activities fun and eliminates the possibility that students will be bored and not take in what they are learning. Students’ engagement should increase as they are finding their own way to answer the driving question and will be completing more rich assessment tasks. PBL also helps students by building up their independent and group skills.


Salesian has implemented PBL for Year 7 and Year 8 Biretta classes, where they have combined Science and Geography and created the subject ‘The World Around Us.’ Due to two subjects becoming one, there will be fewer assessments, which should minimise stress to students. Also, we have two teachers team-teaching this subject, Mr Shaw and Miss Bradley. This helps because one teacher starts the topic and the other teacher goes into specific science and/or geography content. This means there are two teachers teaching the same subject in their own unique way.

8B PBL Parent Information Evening

Curious to know more about Project Based Learning (PBL)? This question, and many more, will be answered on Thursday 21 February at the 8B Parent Information Night. The night will provide the opportunity for parents of students in 8B to ask questions, receive information about the PBL program, and learn about 8B’s ‘World Around Us’ project.

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