Faith and Mission: Whole School Mass and Assembly

The 2019 school year began as it always does, with a Whole School Mass celebrating the Feast Day of our founder St John Bosco. This was an important part of the start of the year, where we gave thanks for our holidays and focused on some key things for the year, including being holy.  This notion of holiness will be explained further in my article on the Strenna for 2019. Father Greg Chambers, our new Rector, along with Father Cantamessa and Father Laurie Moat celebrated the Eucharist for us, supported by three of our dedicated servers. Our celebration began with a procession of all our Year 7 and new students, each of them being welcomed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and their Head of House. They received blessed College and House badges which I am sure they will wear proudly. The Class of 2019 also ceremonially processed in and received their blessed Year 12 badges from members of the Senior Leadership Team and Year 12 Oratory teachers. They have already begun to display them with pride, amongst the other badges on their blazer lapels that they have collected on their journey.
Throughout the Mass, Father Greg spoke of love, kindness, happiness and making sure we all do our very best. The boys’ attentiveness during the mass, their responses and the way they showed respect during the procession was beautiful. It demonstrated their awareness and understanding of the significance of all elements of the Opening School Mass.
At the end of Mass, we made a quick change to settings and began our first Whole School Assembly for the year. During the Assembly we made a number of presentations. Ms Carolyn Ellul (Director of Staff Development) introduced the new staff to the College community. With ACC Sport playing a significant part in many boys’ school program, Mr Steven Loonstra (Head of ACC Sport) informed us of the Senior Sports captains for Term One.

Tennis: Alen Lay
Volleyball: Hanel Sawa
Cricket: Ashvin Adihetty
Athletics: Nicholas Stathopoulos
Swimming: Christopher Nielson

The Heads of House also took the opportunity to publically acknowledge the Year 10 and 11 House Leaders. The Leaders also assisted during the mass by leading the Year 7 procession and helping with the distribution of badges.

Annecy: Peter Tzitzivakos, Sam Loiacono, Robbie Miller, Keelan Corcoran
Collinson: Jacob Curry, Eamon McKenzie, Alex Mathieson, Schron Satheesh
Moroney: Josh De Sa, Joseph Curtis, Sebastian Filipovic, Mitchell Savic
Savio: Ed Feehan, Rob Amendola, Steven Tran, James Orlando

It was a wonderful celebration of all that is Catholic and Salesian. The boys were dismissed for lunch in good spirits enjoying an chocolate Freddo frog as their welcome back treat!

A big thank you to all involved in making this such a wonderful beginning to the school year.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission