Year 9 Marvellous Melbourne Excursion

On Friday 2 November, the Year 9 Marvellous Melbourne class were lucky enough to have the opportunity to head into the CBD for an excursion. After training our way into Flinders Street station, we met a local street artist at Federation Square. He guided us around the city, where we ventured into a variety of laneways. We got to view the works of many of Melbourne’s best underground and anonymous street artists, and our guide was able to explain the deeper meaning of their fascinating works. One highlight of the excursion was getting to view the rare work of famous street artist Banksy, hidden away in a small niche of a lesser-known laneway. We then took a tram ride to the Docklands, where we explored the workshop of many Melbourne artists. We were able to see the many open studios and what goes on behind the scenes of some amazing art. After a quick break for lunch, we began some of our own work. After being shown the ropes by a local artist, we worked on our own pieces using spray paint and stencils. Some of us were able to produce amazing work, although some of us could probably do with some improving. All in all, the excursion was an excellent experience where we were immersed in the culture of Melbourne, and got a better understanding of the themes portrayed in the artwork of Melbourne’s many laneways and buildings.

– Tom Ison
Year 9 student