Student’s Blog: Respectful Relationship Forum

In the modern era many social problems have risen, especially within the context of respectful relationships. Because of this, our school, Salesian College has endeavoured to be a pioneering and leading college in the respectful relationships school community. Recently there was a forum held by Doncaster Secondary School that brought together schools from all places and invited them to discuss this concept. They engineered icebreakers that encouraged us to learn about each other. They also talked and held plenty of discussions about relevant topics that included the likes of equality and equity when it comes gender and ethnicity, as well as gender boundaries and stereotypes. All of these topics were spoken about engagingly and professionally, even though the whole forum was run by year nine students. Another topic they discussed was the relevance of the student voice within a school community. They asked us to be more vocal about our opinions and to launch initiatives to further and broaden the minds of the students within our college. Overall, this forum was incredibly crucial as well as relevant to the people in attendance. This just goes to show how powerful it is when the people of this generation rise up and take a stand on what is important to them.

– Ben Abraham
Year 9 Student