Environmental Science Snorkelling Excursion

On 22 November the Environmental Science boys braved the rainy weather to go snorkelling at Blairgowrie pier to collect data for their scientific posters. Our guides informed us of all the marine life we could see, and then we put on our snorkelling equipment. The cold weather meant we were covered almost head to toe, even wearing wet suit hoods which made us look very professional.

Once we arrived at the pier, the first few steps into the water were daunting, but to our surprise the wetsuits did their job well and we were able to stay warm (mostly). Some highlights of snorkelling were seeing crabs, nudibranchs, various fish, seahorses and stingrays. This was valuable trip for all the boys as we had the chance to learn outside of the classroom.

All the boys planning to do EnviroScience in 2020 should look forward to this trip next year.

Joseph Cefai
12 D