Year 8 Retreat

During Year 8 Retreat from 6 to 8 August, we participated in several activities that included being outside as well as spending time reflecting on ourselves and how to be a better person. A few examples of some of the adrenaline pumping activities we did were the Giant Swing, the Flying Fox, and on the calmer side, a leisurely walk to Smith’s Beach, about 15 minutes away from camp, where we enjoyed running around on the pristine shores. Retreat also encompassed a meditative activity where we were able to reflect on ourselves and reply to letters that our family wrote to us.

Throughout the whole time at Phillip Island Adventure Resort, we were fortunate enough to participate in many outdoor and retreat activities. All were thoroughly enjoyable; some highlights include the high ropes and the giant swing. This is because we were able to challenge ourselves and enjoy the rewards. We all enjoyed going to Phillip Island’s Smiths Beach, running along on the shore and playing sports such as football and soccer on the soft sand. It was refreshing to be in a calm and open environment with our peers. Another major highlight was being able to read our families’ letters they wrote to us and writing a message back to them. This was a quiet, special time as we got to read and discuss what they mean to us and what we mean to our families.

We believe it is important to participate in Year 8 Retreat as it gives us some time to step away from our busy lives and have some time to relax with our peers. This was proven when we got the opportunity to spend time with our friends in our activities and cabins, and we encouraged one another on various occasions. In addition to this, Year 8 Retreat was also a great opportunity for us to reflect on the people we are and how to be a better person through the variety of reflection activities we did.

– Hashim Navas and Emmanuel Louis, 8B