Year 7 Minecraft Competition

“Recently we participated in the Year 7 Geography Minecraft Competition, and I found this hands on experience of designing and building a city to be much more interesting that learning from a text book. Our group worked productively and we couldn’t be happier with what we created. We applied the seven geography concepts (SPICESS) to our decisions, and we placed the hospital near all of our buildings rather than putting it at the side, and the rubbish-sorting place at the edge of the city, to not annoy people with the stench. The skills that we have gained from this are tremendous. We improved our knowledge in the importance of the placement of buildings, as this effects everything that happens in a city. We also improved our communication skills, as working in a group improved the quality of our work as well as our friendships. All of these are life skills, and will help our group in the future.

We achieved more than we hoped for, and that was due to multiple factors, such as our teamwork and our loyalty to our separate pieces of work. In this project, research and considering liveability factors was key. Whether we were deciding what our building should look like, or what policies to implement, it was crucial to pay attention in class and complete all the related homework. In the future, I think that our group could work on our time management skills, as often we found ourselves getting a little off track!”

– Keyan Bowker, 7B