Book your tickets for ‘Godspell’

In partnership with Sacred Heart Girls’ College, our 2018 College Musical ‘Godspell’ is promising to be an incredible performance of vibrant music, singing and dancing, as our students entertain you with amusing interpretations of classic Gospel stories. Godspell is the first musical theatre work of composer Stephen Schwartz, who went on to write well-known hits such as Wicked.

Godspell will be presented at Alexander Theatre, Monash University this Friday 10 August (7pm) and Saturday 11 August (2pm and 7pm).

Ticket Prices:
Standard: $25.00
Concession: $18.00
Children 6 and Under: $6.00

Our talented students (and their teachers) have been working very hard in preparation for a great performance. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here, or you can call the Box Office on 9905 1111.

“How does having a large audience in attendance help your performance?”

“Having a large audience in attendance is great because it adds to the atmosphere of the theatre, and inspires us to impress all the people who have shown us support and respect by attending our performance. It’s a great little boost before a show to peek through the curtain and see a packed theatre. It makes us feel important to see a large audience in attendance, and makes us feel that people genuinely care and are interested in the work that we have been putting together for the majority of this year.”

–          Stephen Kelly

“A large audience gives us performers a sense of pride and puts a smile on all of our faces as we hear the crowd applauding us after every song, and laughing after every joke. It increases our passion and reminds us why we love performing!”

–       Jack Sievers

“A large audience is essential to a great performance, as we are encouraged to play our part exceptionally well in order to ensure everyone appreciates the show and enjoys themselves.”

–       Campbell Phelan