ACC Sport News

ACC Sport News


Year 10 Basketball – The A’s defeated Simonds College last week 25-11. This week we played a strong CBC St Kilda side and unfortunately lost 86-38. The B’s lost last week but, won against CBC St Kilda this week 73-38.

Year 10 Hockey – The Hockey team lost 4-1 against Emmanuel last week, but this week improved their record to 3 wins and 1 loss, with a victory against Parade College 5-2.

Year 10 Table Tennis – Last week the team defeated Emmanuel College 11-55 to 4-20, but Parade was the opponent this week and they demonstrated why they are one of the top sides, winning 14-62 to 1-13.

Year 9 Basketball – Unfortunately the A side has had two defeats in the last two weeks. The B side has also had the same record in the last two weeks.

Year 9 Hockey – The team has lost the last two weeks 3-1 and 4-1.


Senior Basketball – The A’s lost a close game with Simonds last week 58-48, but this week had their first win of the season, defeating CBC St Kilda 48-45. The B’s winning streak has moved them into 4th place as they defeated Simonds 38-37 last week and CBC 62-57 this week.

Senior Hockey – Last week the team were very unlucky, losing to Emmanuel College 4-2. This week in very wet conditions the boys battled for a 2-2 draw against Parade College. The team is currently in 5th place.

Senior Table Tennis – Last week the team had a win against Emmanuel College 15-66 to 0-9. This week they played out a tough contest with Parade College but unfortunately lost 7-42 to 8-33.


Year 8 Basketball – Lost to De La Salle last week. This week the team had a bye. The B’s won their game against De La Salle last week 33-30. They also had a bye this week.

Year 8 Table Tennis – Grabbed the victory against De La Salle College 10-48 to 5-27. This week the team had a bye.

Year 8 Hockey – The team drew 2-2 last week against Parade College. This week the team had a bye.

Year 7 Basketball – The A’s defeated St Bernard’s last week 37-24, but this week had a loss to Whitefriar’s College 48-24. The B’s drew 39-39 against St Bernard’s last week and this week were unfortunate to lose 33-26.

Year 7 Table Tennis –  The team were defeated last week against St Bernard’s but were back on the winning side, defeating Whitefriars this week 12-55 to 3-20.

Mr Domenic Scarpino
Sport Manager