Year 9 Retreat

On our Retreat day, we were involved in three different activities that focused on our identity, choices and acceptance. For the identity activity, we had the chance to get to know our classmates a bit more. We then answered questions on Deep Think cards, which were cards that had different questions for them, and some were easier to answer than others. We then answered a couple of questions in the booklet we got.

The second session was about choices. We first talked about how choices can affect our lives. We talked about ’cause and effect’, which explored the idea that if we make a bad choice now, it may come back to us in a bad way. After that, we talked about what decisions can be good and bad, who influences us in making these decisions and the pressure that we sometimes get when making them. We were then split up into groups and got given a different scenario each. Each scenario was about making the right or wrong choice. They were about drinking alcohol, drugs, expectations, relationships, bullying and stealing. We then discussed a couple of strategies that we can use in these situations to make the right choice.

Our third and final session was about acceptance and tolerance. Our activity involved being given a card with different people on it. It could have been someone who has done well at school and earned lots money or someone who has a disability. Questions were asked, and if it was a yes answer, we would take one step forward. If it was a yes and a no, you wouldn’t move and if it was no, you would step back. We then reflected on what happened in the activity. How did you feel? What did it feel like to step forward or backwards? What are some consequences involving this? What would Jesus say about this?

Overall, the day was very informative. We got to learn more about each other and get to know people more, we learnt about how different choices that could affect our lives, and about acceptance towards people.  

The most memorable part of the trip was getting to know each other better.

Keelan Corcoran