Futures Day

On the morning of Thursday 3 May, Year 10 students met at Caulfield Racecourse to visit the Careers Expo. We visited the stalls of different universities to talk and ask about the future courses that are available to us in our areas of interest. The main universities that appealed to me because of my interests in social services, sport and reporting were Deakin, Swinburne and the Richmond FC Institute of Sport. After spending a couple of hours browsing the Careers Expo, we got back on the bus to school. We then listened to a guest speaker from the Commonwealth Bank who educated us on how to save money and how much to expect in pay for your first job. This was an interesting speech and I enjoyed both parts of the day very much.

The highlight of my day was talking to the Richmond Institute of Sport at the Careers Expo. I was able to submit my expression of interest in the course, and I applied to attend an Open Day too. This is an institution that I really want to attend in the future, and it was exciting to speak to them at the Expo. The guest speaker at the end of the day was very interesting and funny in his presentation and I learnt a lot about money and what should be done with it.

This excursion was incredibly helpful in guiding me on future pathways. While I have my hopes set on the Richmond Institute of Sport, this experience introduced me to many other courses I could pursue. I look forward to deciding on my future career.

Adam Stone