Boys in Year 7 and Year 9 will soon undertake the annual NAPLAN tests, which will be conducted at the College on 15 – 17 May.

The tests provide valuable data relating to literacy and numeracy standards at national, state, school and individual student levels.  The tests are carefully devised and are assessed by external examiners.  Results will be released to families and schools in September via the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Tests Schedule

Day Test Length
Tuesday 15 May


Language Conventions 45 minutes
Writing 40 minutes
Wednesday 16 May Reading 65 minutes
Thursday 17 May Numeracy (with calculator) 50 minutes
Numeracy (non calculator) 10 minutes


Additional Details

  • Boys are required to have a calculator for the Numeracy tests
  • The College will supply the pencils, erasers and sharpeners needed for the test
  • The results do not contribute towards the College’s internal report. The boys should regard the NAPLAN tests as a challenge which they can approach confident in their ability to give of their best and to do well.

Ms Carolyn Ellul      
Director of School Improvement – Curriculum