Top Designs at Melbourne Museum Excursion

On 24 April, the class of 11D visited the Top Designs Exhibition at Melbourne Museum as part of our Visual Communication Design studies on Design Elements and Principles. Accompanied by Mrs Garofalo and Ms O’Sullivan, we were able to analyse and observe the best VCE folios on display, and were tasked with finding ways to improve our own folios in the process. 

The most interesting part of this excursion was being able to see the standard at which we should perform in our senior years to ensure our work is at a high standard. Furthermore, the final presentations created by the students were interesting to look at, as their professionalism in creating high-class finals showed.

The excursion allowed our class to be inspired, collect ideas, and most importantly, understand the standard we must pursue in our remaining years of schooling.

– Dimitri Adamopoulos, 11D

On 24 April, 12E also visited the Top Designs Exhibition at Melbourne Museum as part of our Year 12 VCD folio preparation.

We were greeted by museum staff and were lead to the Top Designs area. There we were free to explore the plethora of folios, posters, models and logos that were created by the best of 2017’s students. We had to write and comment on the thinking techniques and development used by the students within their work in our booklet. Many photos were taken and we marvelled at the quality of work in the folios.

Flipping through the folios of others is always intriguing. Visualising the thoughts and fluorescent ideas develop little by little, until a final is decided upon is interesting to say the least, and that’s why this is personally my favourite part of folio preparation.  

This excursion helped me learn and discover the depth of the VCD subject, how far students go in their endeavours and what stunning presentations can be created. I saw the potential of what could be, and learned what I need to do to reach the levels of the top 1%.

– Lukas Petrov, 12E