Year 9 Italian Grand Prix Excursion

On March 22 2018, the students of Year 9 Italian visited the Albert Park Grand Prix as part of their Formula Uno unit of work. We were able to watch a live interview with the drivers and ask them whatever we liked, allowing us to learn how things actually are behind the scenes and behind the wheel itself. We were also granted a chance to explore whatever we wanted in the whole area, so it was a nice opportunity to look at some old, new and custom cars on show. We were able to also watch some GT sports cars do their practice sessions on the track. We also saw the drivers and crew work on their cars, cleaning tyres and checking motors. This was a great opportunity to see how things work on the track, and we even saw an F1 car do a few practice laps.

By Lachlan Salvatore and Joshua Jansen
Year 9 Italian students