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Salesian College Chadstone is a place where boys become men, where friendships flourish and where faith is solidified. The school and community are one great family, opening its arms to all, beckoning for everyone find shelter in its peace and love. The many experiences which take place along the path of a Salesian student, transforms the person into someone strong in both heart and mind. The camps, debates, games, sports and tests all are fundamental in the strengthening of friendship and the belief in one’s self. The school is more than just a place where I study and learn new things; it is also a place where I meet new people and where my friends and I grow together as good and honest people, following in the footsteps of St. John Bosco. During my time in a leadership position, I have seen the world of Salesian College in a new way; a way in which will shape the way I live my daily life. I love coming to school every day, as the teachers, students and even nature itself, seems to smile at every turn. I will never forget this place because it is here, I have become a man.

Joe Charbine – Current year 11 Student

I often look back and think how lucky we were that a friend mentioned Salesian College when we were starting to ponder secondary schools for our sons. We have never looked back. One son is now at Uni and our second son is in his senior years. Salesian ticks all the boxes for us.

There is no question about the commitment to the high level education provided at Salesian, and the exceptional dedication of the teaching staff who never cease to amaze me.

The opportunities that exist beyond the classroom, whether they be in sport, music, debating teams etc – all giving the boys an opportunity to develop and be involved in the wider community.

Add to this an environment strong on respect, fun and community, preparing the boys well for life beyond Salesian.

I, too, have enjoyed many aspects of the wonderful community provided by Salesian through involvement of the Parent’s Association. There have been many highlights over the years, varying from numerous social events, to seeing the remarkable achievements of the students at the Expo nights, and culminating in a memorable, emotional and happy Valedictory dinner, confirming all the reasons why we send our boys to Salesian. We have been very privileged!

Salesian’s Got Talent! There are many nights on the Salesian College social calendar that we look forward to but Klub Bosco is arguably one of the best. It is the one chance to see our talented teachers and students combine to present performances that make you want more.

Teachers from all facets of the school amaze us with their musical ability, the students love another opportunity to perform, add good company, food and refreshments, making it a night not to be missed.

Jill Ross – parent

Salesian College Chadstone has been a home away from home for thousands of students for 56 outstanding and developing years. I am proud to say that I am one of these students, who have had the privileged opportunity to learn and grow in such a diverse and supportive community. My Name is Buddhike Kularatne and I was the College Vice-Captain and one of the DUCES for the 2012 year 12 cohort and I would like to share with you my experience at the College. I entered the school in 2006 as a year 7 student knowing no one as I came from a primary school rather far away from Chadstone. I was relatively scared by the sheer fact of how different high school was, the uniforms, the timetables and the general new setting, let alone the fact I was experiencing it all alone. However my anxiety did not last very long. Salesian College and its staff, very swiftly, develop such a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere within the College community and forge a strong sense of belonging to which is very easy to connect. This was clearly evident to me when I was chosen to be class vice-captain in my first semester at the College. As the years became more difficult, with an ever increasing work load and our maturing of age, Salesian has a way of adjusting to our needs, guiding us and pushing us during a daunting 6 years of education. I felt this was done very effective by the college whilst studying in the exclusive year 9 Mannix Campus. The College gave us a way to not become men too fast, with a multitude of enjoyable and exciting events throughout the years such as Athletic and Swimming Carnivals, Walk-a-thons and the ever so competitive ACC Sport. My time here has prepared me for an entirely different future; one without the help of teachers and without the comforting knowledge that friends will be there to help. It was this support and preparation that has seen me pursue my dream of studying Engineering and Commerce at Monash University Clayton and I will forever be grateful to the College for accommodating an amazing and unforgettable 6 years of my life.

Buddhike Kularatne – past pupil (class of 2011)