Curriculum Innovation


The College is constantly striving to improve its teaching and learning strategies in order to enhance the learning outcomes of the boys.



Current Curriculum Projects


Enhancing Boys’ Reading Comprehension Skills

  • The introduction of a series of modules designed in conjunction with Professor John Munro from the University of Melbourne which aim to enhance boys’ reading comprehension skills


 Student Learning Management System (SIMON)

  • The acquisition of a new learning management system entitled SIMON. This system will enable us to: track student performance; gain access via a portal to learning and teaching activities whenever and wherever we may be in the world; and provide parents with ready availability to important information including immediate access to their sons’ attendance history and assignment results


Laptop Program & Establishment of College ICT Working Party

  • An ICT Working Party which is focusing on the further development of the boys’ ICT skills and teachers’ professional development to help augment the College’s laptop program


National Curriculum Working Parties

  • The establishment of a series of working parties to prepare for the introduction of the National Curriculum in Years 7 – 10 English, Mathematics, Science and History in 2013


Data Analysis Working Party

  • Commissioning a Data Analysis Working Party to assist the College to make better use of a range of qualitative and quantitative data sources to help inform and further improve teaching and learning activities.