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Nathan D’Souza

Dux of 2014, Nathan D’Souza achieved an ATAR of 99.65; putting him in the top 0.35 of all Year 12 students in the state.

Nathan reflects on the crossroads he faced in Year 8; the choice between staying at Salesian, or leaving in favour of a select entry school.

“From an early age I always strove for excellence, and to achieve the best that I possibly could. Salesian College provided the opportunity for me to explore that passion, and allowed me to thrive. A challenge came in Year 8, when the option to apply for a particular select entry school came up. Whilst some of my peers took up the offer, I decided that my needs were being met completely where I was already, and so, with little inner conflict, I opted to remain at Salesian. Looking back at this decision, I feel that I made the best choice possible. Throughout the latter years of my school life, our year level grew closer and closer together, providing a sense of mateship and community that was, and still is, a unique and unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime.”

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Nathan D’Souza





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