Welcome from our Principal, Mr Robert Brennan


Welcome to the Salesian College Chadstone website. I hope you find the information presented useful in forming an understanding of the educational opportunities we offer.

A broad range of information will provide you with an appreciation of the Catholic education offered at the College by highlighting our:

  • Catholic and Salesian ethos
  • Culture
  • Curriculum structures; and
  • Extra-curricular programs

Who are we?

Salesian College is a quality Melbourne Catholic school for boys founded on the philosophies of Saint John Bosco, founder of the Salesian order. Since 1957 Salesian College has served the needs of the young men and boys in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our boys cover a broad spectrum of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
The College consists of two campuses, Bosco and Mannix, separated by the Monash Freeway and connected by a public pedestrian walkway across the freeway.
Today, Salesian College serves the needs of approximately 1028 young men from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is easily accessible by public transport. Set in large, attractive grounds, the College has extensive Music, Drama, Media and Technology facilities, a Gymnasium, tennis courts and three on-campus sports ovals. A broad, general range of subjects is available at VCE level. Special emphasis is placed on Religious Education, Faith Development, the integration of technology into the curriculum and the pursuit of all-round academic excellence.

Salesian College Provides

Salesian College provides a Salesian ideal of education which encompasses the growth of the whole person:

  • Socially skilled
  • Academically sound
  • Well-rounded sporting, artistic and technical capabilities.

Salesian College is Aware

At Salesian College we are aware that we live in exciting and rapidly changing times; these times mean that education is more important than ever. Our aim is to provide an education that prepares young men to develop into;

  • Life-long learners
  • Adaptable; and
  • To be resilient to the many changes they will face in their future

Our Current Students

Our current students enjoy the Salesian tradition with the added features of receiving their education in modern facilities, supported by dedicated teachers utilizing contemporary methodologies whilst being able to access suitable resources including state of the art technologies required in a contemporary learning environment. The spacious grounds, the commitment to provide a safe environment and engaging classrooms are all ingredients to successful outcomes.