Our College Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

At Salesian College we believe that through education we empower students to make choices throughout their lives. We believe education is a life-long pursuit and it is incumbent on us to instill in our students a love of learning as well as giving them the skills that will encourage them to pursue education for life.

The heart of Salesian College has its origins in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Salesian College is informed by the fact that we are an extension of the Roman Catholic Church, and are therefore a means by which the church can fulfil its mission of proclaiming the good news of salvation to all. Jesus is at the heart of all that we do and the pervasiveness of Christ is experienced in all happenings within the College.

Educational Practice at Salesian College is underpinned, by the charism of Saint John Bosco and his preventative system which is based entirely on reason and religion, and above all, on loving kindness.

We believe as a Catholic School our  mission is a critical, systematic transmission of culture in the light of faith and the bringing forth of the power of Christian virtue by the integration of culture with faith and faith-living. Salesian College focuses on the formation of Christian men through the attainment of knowledge, acquisition of values and the discovery of truth.

Salesian College Chadstone aims to provide an environment in which all boys feel safe and happy and are able to develop to their full potential. The school environment caters for the pastoral needs of all students through a curriculum that is considerate of, and caters for, individual student needs. Our curriculum is engaging and challenging, aimed at developing the whole person, delivered by competent and caring teachers, supported by sympathetic structures and policies.

The Salesian System of Education

All educational activity within a Salesian School is carried out according to a basic philosophy which is usually referred to as The Preventive System. The Preventive System is a stream of positive activity flowing throughout the whole school, from the Principal to the youngest students which by its very positiveness excludes disorders and negativity. Read More

Don Bosco’s System of Education

For Don Bosco, the patron saint of Salesian College the mission to educate was the fundamental reason for his existence. His biography reveals him as a true educator even from early childhood. There were early beginnings that indicated clearly the extraordinary gifts, both of nature and of grace, which later developed into the worldwide activity now so well known to all. Don Bosco put all he had into the work of education; the physical gifts of his body, the power of his genius, his personal holiness. Read More