Our History


Salesian College Chadstone was established in 1957


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  • 50 acres of land was donated to the Salesians by Miss Louisa Moroney, daughter of a well-known pioneering family in the Oakleigh district.
  • During 1956 three classrooms and a hall were built in an open field near Waverley Road.
  • February 1957, the College opened its doors with an enrolment of 61 students in Forms One and Two and a staff of nine Salesians including:


    • Fr Thomas Collinson (as the first Rector)
    • Fr John Ayers (as Prefect of Studies)
    • Fr Bortolo Fedrigotti
    • Fr Peter Lock
    • Fr Robert Curmi
    • Fr Joseph Colussi
    • Fr Sebastian Xingali
    • Br Peter Swain
    • Br Joseph Pulis


  • In 1958, three new classrooms were added and the enrolment reached 110 boys with Form Three added. An Administration Block was built in 1959 and there was an enrolment of 160 boys in Forms One to Four. Tennis courts were also built that year and the oval was extended.



  • In those early days, the religious staff lived at Oakleigh and came across to Chadstone every day. It was not until 1960 that a residential area was built for them, using the upstairs section of the administration block.
  • By 1960 there were 260 boys at the school and another form was added. The Chapel, dedicated to the memory of the Moroney family, was completed that year, along with the science rooms.
  • In 1961, the College was catering for Form Six boys and there were 360 students. Building continued during the year and a wing with two classrooms, a kitchen, dining rooms and a shower block was added to the complex. By then the school was known as Salesian College, Chadstone.
  • The B.M. Fegrigotti Senior Science wing was built in 1969.



  • 1975-1978 were the years in the College’s history where girls came to complete their senior years of study. In this era there was a growing trend for girls to stay on beyond year 10 to complete their studies, with the number of girls wanting to do this outweighing the capacity of local girls’ schools in the area. Over 120 girls graduated from Salesian College in those four years.
  • The College library plus three more classrooms were completed in 1973.



  • In 1983 a senior wing with classrooms and administration offices was added and in 1986 a new residence was built separate from the school complex.
  • In recent years the curriculum has been diversified to cater for students interested in technical careers, while Music and Drama have developed greatly. A new complex with a Music and Drama wing, an assembly hall, a gymnasium, a sick bay and three classrooms with associated offices and stores were open during 1988 to mark the centenary of St John Bosco’s death. This complex was officially opened by Very Rev. Fr Egidio Vigano, Rector Major of the Salesian Congregation and the 7th successor of St John Bosco, the founder of the Salesians.



  • Several years later, in 1995, a new Technology Studies Centre was established to help bridge the gap between secondary education and the world of employment and industry. During 1998, a major upgrade of the College’s Computer and Information Technology facilities and resources took place. This consisted of the construction of a new Computer Centre, Multimedia Laboratories, Minilabs and Special Education Area, as well as the provisions for Intranet and Internet Access.



  • Over the years the College has maintained high academic standards in a faith-permeated environment. The College is a multicultural environment with an overriding aim to build a synthesis of faith and culture in the lives of the then 860 students.
  • 2003 was the year that the College colours and uniform where modernised, with a change from the traditional green and gold, to the current navy, silver and red.

2010’s – Current


  • So from the initial small enrolment of 61 boys and nine Salesian staff-members, Salesian college has expanded to its present number of 1028 boys and over 100 teachers and staff. The St John Bosco Chapel and the RUA Resource Centre (Library) were re-furbished.
  • There is no doubt that Salesian College, Chadstone, has enjoyed a remarkable and successful development during its first half century, experiencing a living history of reason, religion and kindness, which all who have been associated with the College can be truly proud.