Leadership & Governance

The Salesians of Don Bosco

Salesian College is owned and operated by the Salesians of Don Bosco, legally known as the Salesian Society Incorporated (Vic.).

The Provincial

The Provincial Superior of the Salesians of the Australian-Pacific Province is the proper canonical authority and is responsible for the appointment of the following positions:

•      Principal
•      Business Manager
•      Deputy Principal
•      Assistant Principal: Faith and Mission


The Principal is responsible to the Provincial of the Salesians of Don Bosco.  For practical purposes the Provincial may delegate direct supervision of the Principal to an appointed nominee. All other staff members are responsible to the Principal for the competent and professional conduct of their duties and responsibilities.


The Rector of the Salesian Community is responsible for the animation of the mission entrusted to the Community, including Salesian College.  The Principal regularly updates the Rector regarding the state of the school, proposed developments and issues confronting the College.

Advisory Board

The Principal regularly seeks the counsel of the Salesian College Advisory Board.  The Principal keeps the members of the College Advisory Board informed regarding major developments planned for the College and its financial administration.

College Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team is the key decision making body at Salesian College.  The Principal chairs the Leadership Team, which consists of the following members:

•      Principal
•      Business Manager
•      Deputy Principal
•      Assistant Principal: Faith and Mission
•      Assistant Principal: Organization
•      Assistant Principal: Students

Other Teams

Other teams that play an important and significant role in the life of the College are the:

  • Learning and Curriculum Team
  • Student Services Team